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      產品展示 / PRODUCT DISPLAY


      FLHE-830-1530 high-speed coating compound machine

      Summary of the Machine
        YLHD 830 - 1530 is a new-style environmental protection high-speed coating compound machine.
        The tension of the feeding department applies PLC, industrial human-machine interface touch screen, tension sensor, tension signal magnify board and the other components, so as to let the tension automatism closed loop control system and the working condition of the main engine be automatic and synchronous. The tension of the receiving department applies PLC touch screen microcomputer digital automatism closed loop control system, so as to let the tension taper torque dynamic and the main engine be synchronous and automatic.
        The complete machine applies PLC programmable and digital module microcomputer to compute (concentrated closed-loop) and control. It can have dual receiving, dual feeding, three correctors, intellective temperature control, length automatism counter, man-machine conversation and other new scientific technology. To operate the identical set command will then accomplish the complete machine’s operation. It has such peculiarities: high-accuracy, high-efficiency, safe and reliable; tension (manual and automatic) automatic switch, nets roller rotation, etc.
        There is a great diversity of gears for the users to choose. The difference of the allocation or the width will lead to the different prices. We can design and make the machines according to the different demands of the users.

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